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Peter French - FlyingTigers Photography.

Peter was asked about his life behind the camera and as a professional photographer.

When I look back in my archives I always carried a camera. Talking with my oldest friends, I am amazed at how many don't have any photos of our time as teenagers, and yet I have hundreds. From my oldest memories, my father always carried a trusty Kodak Brownie when we went on holiday and again, my childhood is well documented. Photography, mostly with a Kodak Instamatic, seems to have always been a part of my life without me realising it.

My 31 year career in IT ended abruptly in 2001 at which time I started to look for something else to do with my life and, as digital photography was just arriving, I became more interested in this new dimension on an old interest that I had carried all my life. I have never considered myself a photographer in the true sense of photographic art. For most of my life I have captured events and moments in time rather than any attempt to replicate beauty. I think I was most inspired by the late war photographer Robert Capa whose pictures of the D day landings are most haunting images ever captured. Shot in black and white, sometimes blurred and by no means perfect, they are pictures that stay in your mind. Capa always said that if your pictures are good enough, you aren't close enough, something I have always tried to replicate in my work by trying to produce images as close to the action as possible.

I became seriously involved in motorsport photography in about 2004 when I met Jim Lowery who was running the Equipe GTS series. Jim invited me to come and photograph a race meeting and I was hooked.... I continued to photograph Equipe GTS for many years and was privileged to be invited to many prestigious events such as the VSCC, MGCC, Bentley Driver Club and Aston Martin Owners Club. My current catalogue contains over 350,000 photos from the past 10 years.

However, I don't just take photographs, much of my income comes from my ability to print pictures up to 1500 x 3000 on a single sheet using an Agfa UV printer. Printed panels can be fitted together to create images to almost any size. Most of my clients are from business and industry where I produce very large images for meeting rooms and reception areas. I work in many diverse areas, concerts, equestrian, wildlife, motorsport and aviation seems to have been my main focus over the years. However, in all aspects my goal is to capture a moment in time as close as possible to the action. The harder the subject the better and the more challenging the more rewarding. Recently, I have spent hours trying to photograph the International Space Station which is 200 miles away and subjects don't come harder than that, or photographing Kingfishers which takes hours of waiting on a riverbank only to capture a distant blurred shot. But one day...... !

I love photographing motorsport. Now working mostly with the Ecurie GTS series, who are a great bunch of guys, I can always be found somewhere on the circuit, hunkered down behind the barriers with a mountain of cameras and lenses. I may not capture what most would consider the "publication shot", the wide shot of all the cars fighting to get into the first corner. What I will capture is a driver leaning into the bend, the tyres distorting, the stone being thrown up and the shimmer of heat from the engine at busting point.

I greatly enjoy what I do, and I do it with a passion. Sometimes, I look through the lens with tears in my eyes as the privilege of being at that place at that time become overwhelming. I am so grateful for all the comments my work has received over the years and hopefully I will continue for some years to come.

Regards Peter French.                  FlyingTigers Photography                  

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