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Walter Hayes Trophy 2015

Winner - Graham Carroll.'], //["image_path", "optional description"] ['images/title_top/racing_137.jpg', '

Walter Hayes Trophy 2014

Winner - Wayne Boyd.'], ['images/title_top/racing_083.jpg', '


Historic Grand Prix.'], ['images/title_top/racing_105.jpg', '

750 Motor Club

Birkett 6 Hour Relay.'], ['images/title_top/racing_048.jpg', '

Aston Martin Owners Club

Aston Martin Challenge.'], ['images/title_top/racing_121.jpg', '

British Automobile Racing Club

Classic Formula Ford.'], ['images/title_top/racing_084.jpg', '

Bentley Drivers Club

Sunbeam Challenge.'], ['images/title_top/racing_092.jpg', '

British Racing Drivers Club

Walter Hayes Trophy.'], ['images/title_top/racing_063.jpg', '

British Racing & Sports Car Club

North West Formula Ford'], ['images/title_top/racing_113.jpg', '

Classic Sports Car Club

Allcomers Scratch Races.'], ['images/title_top/racing_029.jpg', '

Classic Touring Car Racing Club

Classic Saloons & Historic Touring Cars.'], ['images/title_top/racing_128.jpg', '

Historic Sports Car Club

Berek Bell Trophy.'], ['images/title_top/racing_051.jpg', '

Jaguar Car Club & JEC

Jaguar XK Challenge.'], ['images/title_top/racing_023.jpg', '

MG Car Club

MGCC Ecurie GTS.'], ['images/title_top/racing_039.jpg', '

Vintage Sports Car Club

Pomeroy Memorial Trophy.'], ['images/race-retro-2015/race-retro-2015-banner.jpg', '

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Walter Hayes Trophy 2015 - Video Trailer!!
National Club Motorsport!!
Sun 29 November

Mondello Park (MPSC):

VFS Motor Racing Videos 2015

VFS Motor Racing Videos will be carrying out filming again during 2015 for race series such as MG sports car racing, historic car racing, modern sports/saloons and single seaters.

Please feel free to browse our website if you have raced between 1988 and 2014 and would like to know if we have film of you, contact us by Email, you can also find us on Facebook and we have a YouTube Channel, just click on the Facebook and YouTube icons at the top of this page.

Please note that this website uses PayPal to take payments, you do not need a PayPal account to use this payment option and can still pay by credit card.

If you see something you would like to purchase, click on the 'Add to your shopping cart button' which will take you to our secure online PayPal area to make your payment. The orange cart button to purchase DVDs and other items and the blue cart button to purchase downloads.

We at VFS Motor Racing Videos wish all competitors and supporters another successful and enjoyable season of racing during 2015.

Regards VFS Motor Racing Videos.

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Walter Hayes 2015

CLICK HERE to go to our Walter Hayes Trophy 2015 Homepage!!
Race Retro 2015

Click Here to see videos taken from the Historic Racing Car Show 2015
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All the great drivers and marques - Fangio, Moss, Ferrari and Maserati
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